Every day more than 6.6 billion images are shared to the Internet. We use them to share our lives, stay informed, sell, rally and educate. But for the millions of people around the world who are blind or have low vision, sharing in these images requires one vital thing – us. Help us make the world more accessible and join the #AltTextForAll Movement today.

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What is #AltTextForAll?

#AltTextForAll is a movement to open up the way the world communicates for people who are blind or have low vision. Every image you upload to the internet has accessible functionality called ‘Alt Text’. This enables anyone who can’t see your image to experience it through technology like screen readers.

It’s simple to start using Alt Text, check out the how-to videos now.

How to get involved


To join the movement and show your support, simply download the #AltTextForAll image and share it through your social channels to let everyone know you’re using Alt Text to help make the Internet more accessible.

of a phone screen displaying the #AltTextForAll image with white text on a black background saying "I stand for #AltTextForAll and an accessible Internet for everyone".
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Businesses and ambassadors

Businesses, ambassadors and social influencers, can get involved by downloading the campaign toolkit, which has #AltTextForAll assets suitable for both internal and external communications.

Download the campaign toolkit for businesses
Campaign toolkit download

Who’s involved

Discover and support the wonderful brands and individuals who have already joined the #AltTextForAll Movement. They’re helping us make the world more accessible for people who are blind or have low vision. For more information about getting your brand started on the #AltTextForAll journey, contact our team.

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Why is #AltTextForAll important?

See why Alt Text is vital to someone who uses a screen-reader, like Sina, a client of Blind and Low Vision NZ and lover of social media.

Play a video explaining why it's important to use Alt Text